Warrior Woven Privacy Policy

Warrior Woven Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy regards the personal information Warrior Woven LLC collects, how it is used, and when we share your information. The privacy policy regards our website at Warriorwoven.com

Information we collect:

We may collect information from you like your credit card number, email address, postal address, name, phone number, etc., when you visit our website and/or place an order.

How Warrior Woven uses your information:

Warrior Woven may use your information for the following:

-To process and fulfill your order.

-To communicate with you.

-To administer and fulfill our promotions and competitions.

-To invite you to events.

-To enforce our Terms of use.

When we share your information:

Warrior Woven shares your information in the following circumstances:

-When we need to share your information with our service providers who manage our customer information and provide us other services.

-When we team up with third parties to provide the customer services.

-When we are legally required.