About Us

Meanies, Warrior Woven’s flagship product are handcrafted, ruggedly designed, knitted skull caps. A Meanie is representative of the fighter in all of us. All Meanies are hand knit by Fighters: combat wounded veterans, Green Berets, Cancer fighters, soldiers, and caregivers for the combat wounded. Our Fighters take hours to knit Meanies, every stitch not only helps produce the best quality skull caps available but helps our fighters find healing.

Warrior Woven was forged by a fighter; A first generation Polish American whose Grandmother was liberated from the Ghettos of Auschwitz, Kevin was born to fight; he retired after a 22 year career in the United States Army Special Forces. A combat decorated Green Beret who deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Kevin is a survivor; he understands pain and discomfort better than most. He was in a tragic helicopter crash, October 4th 2008 in Sadr City Iraq. Kevin, a senior member of his detachment was infiltrating enemy territory to conduct sniper operations against the Madi Militia when the helicopter he was onboard crashed into another helicopter. Knocked unconscious and thought to be killed in action, Kevin rose from the destroyed helicopter covered in blood and diesel fuel and immediately began to extract his fellow teammates. Refusing treatment and stubbornly attempting to continue the mission, Kevin eventually collapsed from injuries he sustained and was medically evacuated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and a severely injured cervical spine Kevin was told his career in the military was over. The doctors did not know who they were speaking to. Kevin staggered out of Walter Reed, told his wife he was going to be ok, and reported for duty the following week. A year of rehabilitation followed and many emotional challenges arose from his head injury. Assisted by the love and support of his wife and family, he continued to push forward. He would eventually recover, rise to the rank of Master Sergeant and lead a Special Forces Detachment through 9 months of combat operations in Afghanistan.

Kevin could not have found his path forward without his wife, Alicia. A fighter as well; Alicia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 6 months after giving birth to their first child in 2005. Unwilling to accept the thought of not being alive for her son, she tucked her chin, grit her teeth and accepted the challenge head on. The most aggressive treatment protocol one could assume was made to look easy by her poise and elegance. A Bilateral radical Mastectomy could not slow her down as she relentlessly endured dose dense chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of radiation. She would sneak out of bed and do laundry and dishes as Kevin was caring for their family. An amazing woman, the epitome of a Mother; Alicia is a warrior. She would bring four more children into this world; never looking back, never accepting defeat. Alicia is now studying photography in San Francisco and Kevin has become a stay home Dad to better support his wife and family.

Faced with a multitude of challenges that typically consume a transitioning soldier, Kevin began to search for a new purpose and direction. Unwilling to stop, always pressing forward Kevin decided to teach himself how to knit. It was exactly what he needed.

An unconventional soldier in search of an outlet to calm the internal dialogue and emotional baggage that only a gunfighter can understand; he discovered his new passion. Attention to detail, speed, accuracy… for Kevin, it’s no different than another day at the range.

No stranger of service to others; Kevin has been on a mission, knitting “Meanies” and donating the funds to Camp Kesem (a summer camp provided at no cost for kids who have had family member battle cancer). Kevin decided to knit 100 Meanies to raise awareness and money for Camp Kesem. Now Kevin has committed to bringing Warrior Woven and his Meanies to the rest of the world. Kevin hopes to use Warrior Woven to better the lives of cancer patients, veterans, and fighters all over the world. We hope you join Kevin and the Warrior Woven Team on another crazy journey and fight!